From idea to unique artwork,

croquis, modélisations et détails de la RDH The MAC VAL
Research - September 2017 to June 2018
At the end of 2017, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC VAL) of Val-de-Marne invited Célia Houdart for a writing residency.Célia Houdart has just finished writing her book “Villa Crimée” (P.O.L. editions) telling the dream life of the future inhabitants of a housing complex designed and built by Metek.
For her writing residency, Célia Houdart realizes that there is no suitable place within the museum to write, organize writing studios or show books.Célia Houdart and the Mac Val suggested that we design a place that would be dedicated to the residency of the invited authors.
croquis, modélisations et détails de la RDH

In response to this order, Sarah Bitter wanted to develop a project she had imagined in New York in the 2000s. It was a greenhouse on wheels designed for a loft in Brooklyn.The Rolling Green House soon renamed Rolling Book House then Rolling Design House.Begins an iterative work on design, form, and materials to end up with an object with different uses (writing, meeting, exhibition ...).
A series of freehand sketches, computer drawings, in two and three dimensions, but also a collection of samples of materials and fittings.The project for the Mac Val will remain in the form of an animation film presented at the end of the writing residency.

croquis, modélisations et détails de la RDHThe Saint-Etienne Design Biennial
July to December 2018
The Rolling Design House is the winner of the call for projects named "Banc d’essai" at the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial.
This is the opportunity to produce the first prototype which will be built by Bourderioux et fils, mechanic welders in Villeneuve-sur-Cher.
With them, we worked hand in hand within short deadlines, tracing all the execution details considering the technical constraints of manufacturing (dimensions of the metal profiles, thickness of the walls, etc.)
croquis, modélisations et détails de la RDH

January to March 2019
Once the execution plans were validated, the mechanic welder began construction.We have continuously monitored his work with the validation of the materials, finishes and mechanisms that make up the Rolling Design House.

fabrication chez Bourderioux et fils, montage de la structure acier, gabarit et test du l'éclairage Sammode

Façade et coupe des améliorations de la Rolling Design House

From work to series

Biron Mechanical Studies Office
The experiences of Saint-Etienne and the Louvre-Lens have enabled us to confirm the usefulness of the RDH in various contexts and uses.In 2019, we obtained an innovation tax credit encouraging us to continue developing the project.

July 2020
In view of CE certification and mechanical improvements we have meet the Biron design office.Composed of former Renault researchers, the company opens up possibilities for us with their creativity and technical skills on cycles.

The development of the concept continues with its ever more advanced technical implementation.Notably, we plan to be able to reduce the size thanks to a telescopic system and the introduction of new uses such as the addition of seats.The production of a second prototype and the launch of a series are our new goals.

fabrication chez Bourderioux et fils, montage de la structure acier, gabarit et test du l'éclairage Sammode
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